Sunday, 22 November 2009

NO! - To late scan...

I have another MW appointment at 22 weeks (so in just a few weeks), so will she how she takes its but I have decided against her desire for a late scan in this pregnancy.
Why you ask?.... Well there are a few reasons. First I will explain why she (the MW) wanted a late scan...and this is because she wanted it to confirm baby position and placental position. Now this is why I will not be having a late scan.

First I have not had any scans at all for this pregnancy. This is mostly because the scans that they offer (one at 12 weeks for dating and one at 20 weeks for I don't really know but most people like to find out the sex during this time) would not tell me anything I or anyone else needs to know. Add that to the fact that I do not feel they are safe. So those two scans were easily passed up/declined.

So...onto the 'late scan' (which at the time I felt would be most appropriate - for the reasons desired for the scan - at a later time in pregnancy such as 35 weeks +) and why I feel confident in also declining the MW's desire for this...

The first is that a scan only tells you what is happening in the present. Baby may or may not be breech at this time but it is well known that babies can and do often change position once in actual labour. So whilst a scan can tell you one thing, it can only tell you what is happening then and the outcome can be very different in labour and delivery. A good MW can tell the position of a baby simply by feel. You can also 'map' out your uterus by the baby's movments to help determine/confirm baby position.

At the end of the day - breech birth is just a variation of normal (and if done correctly, is just as safe!)

So what about the placenta? Well it does move around quite a bit during pregnancy but usually towards the end of it, it is set where it will stay until birthing day. So whilst a 'late' scan can indeed confirm where the placenta is position, this is not too terribly important to know. Of course, placenta previa is a serious thing but there are usually many other signs that the placenta is in such an undesirable position - as well as being able to hear it with a pinard or feel its position. So I feel comfortable in declining a scan for this as well as the placentas position can be confirmed with other non invasive/medical techniques to rule out something like complete placenta previa.

I still do not feel scans are safe or desired. I remember having a late scan at 30 weeks when I was pregnant with my son and he sure did not like it as well. He was indeed breech during that scan and would often turn away and cover his face when the scan came near to his face. If this baby is indeed also breech, that could put a breech baby in an undesirable position due to the fact that they are trying to hide from such a breech (ha! - no pun intended!) in privacy. This is such an intimate thing and something I am not comfortable with being exploited for unnessary reasons.

Then theres the 'Eeyore' complex as well. That is - negativity. My MW wants the scan - I do not. Whilst a scan would not change my feelings or decisions on the matter, it might change her feelings and her comfort level which adds up to the support - or lack of support - I may recieve...all due to the outcome of a scan (that once again only tells you what is happening at the present). This is something I am not willing to risk. I need to stay in tune with my body and my insistincs and trust them to be able to birth naturally and peacefully - the way God and nature intended. 'Ignorance is bliss' in this situation. I would rather my MW stayed positive and prepared rather than negative and worried and whatever else she may be feeling due to unpredictable and unreliable results of something medical and not intended or desired for my body or this baby (ie - the 'late scan'). Because at the end of the day, it is my body and my baby - so any scan results would be down to what I would do with the information and not my MW. So = No scan!

To sum it up - there is nothing a scan, even 'late', could tell me that would change my desired decision - and thats a natural vaginal home birth. I feel confident in this decision and my ability to have a natural vaginal home birth (breech or otherwise - however this baby is meant to enter the world!) and am looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy and meeting my baby for the first time on their Birthday! :D


Jacqui said...

My late scan determined my baby was in the correct position for birth at 37 wks. However, he'd changed his position by the day he arrived and had his head turned to one side and his hand up against his face when he arrived. I still managed to have him at home as planned but it was rather more painful and stressful than I would have liked. I think you're right - a good mw can tell the baby's position by feeling.

Erin said...

Hi :) I have been following your blog since we were in MDC's June DDC together. I am glad you finally got a sticky babe!

From a UBACing Mama to another, I just wanted to comment on the decision not to have a scan. Something else to consider about the placenta is, placenta previa aside, VBACing woman are more likely to have placenta accreta, percreta and increta. This would not be so obvious as placenta previa, but it can be very serious when it is time for the placenta to be delivered. A scan can show that the placenta is (or is not) overlaying the scar area. For me, knowing that the placenta was up in my fundus and out of the way gave me a lot of peace of mind during my UBA2C. It is, of course, up to you, I just didn't know if that was something you had taken into account. Always good to be informed from all angles :)

PS. If you would like to read my daughter's birth story you can click through my blogger profile to my birth blog. I found birth stories so inspiring during my pregnancy!