Thursday, 12 November 2009

First sling

This baby is very blessed and already very spoilt - hehe.
Yesterday I recieved my Comfy Joey (hybrid shoulder ring sling) in 'buttercup'. Not the most expensive or fancy sling in the world, but I love it! It will be the perfect first sling for this baby (followed shortly by one of my wraps). I am not a RS fan but they have their uses and are pretty nice for newborns.
As you might have guessed - I have a lot of slings. A bit of a 'stash' that isn't quite complete as I have a few more on the way. I am dying to take a photo of my 'stash' and can not wait to share it! - Something I am really proud of! hehe
There are many benefits to 'babywearing' other than just the obvious practical reasons. All of baby's and mothers needs can be met with a simple piece of fabric. It is something I am very glad to have discovered and I feel I have such lucky children because of it! :D


Jacqui said...

Hi Ann

Thought I'd introduce myself as I have been reading your lovely blog for a while having found it via I'm Jacqui and have just started my own blog here as I've recently had my 3rd baby and am finding blogging my thoughts very helpful. I'm delighting in reading of your happiness at being pregnant.

Re. slings - I have a ring sling - A maia - and I confess to finding it very uncomfortable. I love baby wearing but often can find it very heavy and uncomfy. I think I've yet to find the right sling for me!

Mummy Ann said...

Have you tried ? They are fab for advice/support - and saving money on slings! hehe
I don't think you can have just one or two slings - and every baby and mothers body is very different. I find that I prefer different slings or different stages in life.
Slingmeet is also a great website - you can meet up with other sling wearers in your area and that way you can also try out some slings before you consider buying!

Jacqui said...

OOoh another friend recommended slingmeet - i need to see if there's one near me!