Thursday, 30 April 2009

Endometrial lining

Well - I think I know what caused my second miscarriage.
Last night I thought I would google 'causes of frequent miscarriages' and found this link. It is actually full of info and gives you the opportunity to carry on your own research and where to go from there, etc.

But something stuck out to me as the possible cause to my second miscarriage.
A little background detail first: I am pretty sure I suffer from mild endometriosis. This has not been confirmed yet by any 'professional' but all the 'signs' suggest it is so. In fact, this has me royaly pissed off of my GP because without even listening to me and with no hard evidence, he is stuck on the idea that I have PCOS. Now, I am no professional - and regardless if there are different levels/stages of PCOS, I have none of the symtoms what-so-ever... Whilst a lot of my symptoms suggest something else instead! The progesterone cream has helped greatly with these symptoms I feel are endometriosis related - which only, to me, confirms my suspicions.

Back to my second miscarriage. I was going to wait a few cycles before trying again but lack of patience got the better of me. I thought I did my 'research' on why doctors suggest you wait awhile before TTC again after a miscarriage and there was no hard evidence for the need to actually wait when you could jump right onto the TTC wagon again. My only worry at the time was actually the possibility of 'catch-up' ovulation which would have resulted in multiples - not exactly my dream! hehe But maybe I should have?:

"Avoiding pregnancy over the two subsequent cycles following a miscarriage will reduce the possibility of exposing a conception to an endometrial lining, which may not be capable of sustaining a pregnancy."
What came out of me during my second miscarriage looked greatly like endometrial lining. It looked like hard rubbery chicken skin (yeah - eww!). It looked like this (the picture on the top right). I knew it was uterine lining at the time and was not overly concerned by the apperance of it. But thinking about it now and reading a bit more about it, I am pretty sure it was endometrial lining - which might have been what caused that miscarriage as it would not have been capable fo sustaining that pregnancy.

My hospital appointment seems too far away. I hope they listen to me there though. I will not leave until I feel satisfied they are doing all they can do! Why would these issues be causing me problems now? I actually do not feel it helps at all when people says I have one healthy son so I can have another baby as well. body has changed a lot since then. I wouldn't consider myself 'infertile' but secondary infertility is a real thing. Something is up with my body. Hopefully something that can be fixed!

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