Sunday, 26 April 2009

The ups and downs of hopeful happiness

Up and down - up and down... This whole TTC thing is a bloody carousel!
I did take a test this morning and something very faint was there right away and pink - which leaves me hopeful! Of course my DH still says he can't see anything yet which makes me wonder. It's nice that my friends and internet support buddies can all see my super fainties when I can manage to get a photo of them (I couldn't of the one this morning for some odd reason!) but it would be nice for my DH to be able to see them as well. Leaves me not very hopeful but sometimes I wonder if he is holding out of me - he is blind as a bat (though yes, I know - bats are not really blind :p). I think, like him, I want to see the 'pregnant' on a digital test as well. But not being cheap, I will save that one for the end of next week I think! (with all the progesterone cream and other pills/tinctures/etc I am taking - TTC and trying to hold onto a pregnancy is not a cheap thing!)
I do however wonder why my 'symptoms' feel so strong and 'there' but the tests are not showing how strongly I feel yet (such as in a very dark line!...)...okay okay...I know I know...still early days! At the least I am 8DPO! hehe...I also do not feel hopeful when I wake up and do not feel pregnant/experience no symtpoms at all...of course, shortly after getting up and moving around they all come flooding back to me! - That leaves me up and down like no tomorrow!!!
Another new symptom though is that my 'inner lips' (errgh...I hate that word! lol) - are turning into a new shade of purple. Which apparently can be a sign of pregnancy due to all the extra blood flow in the area!?!

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