Saturday, 25 April 2009

More symptoms...

Today I am getting sharp pains in my boobs! (will they be feeding a baby in 9 months?...I am hopeful!) - My lower back pain has gotten worse - I also feel it in my hips! (is my body changing to carry a baby...still hopeful!)...And my middle of the day temp (not first of the morning temping temp) is pretty high! - Ranging from 37.1-37.3! (and thats high for me - I usually am 36.6 - which is techncally low for human, but hey - I have poor circulation! lol) Oh oh annnndddd...I am having some pretty vivid dreams the past four nights! - And I am pretty tired by mid day (was lucky I could have a nap this afternoon - that was really helpful...but you know, it's hard work growing a baby :p ;) hehe)...
I also think my sense of smell has changed slightly.
I also still have implantation like that uterus ever expanding to carry my baby???
But regardless - I still am getting super fainties on my pregnancy tests (mind - I am only 8DPO I think!)...and mind again, I keep swearing I will not test in the morning so FMU (and SMU!) go down the drain (so to speak hehe) and then by the time I cave in and do test, its in the late afternoon and only been an hour or two since I last had a pee...So what do I expect?
I will try and test Monday morning with FMU - I hope I get something pretty and pink then!!!

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