Thursday, 23 April 2009

Symptoms thus far...

So - I am pretty convinced I am pregnant with the few super faint pregnancy tests I have taken so far, but here also is a list of my further convincing symtpoms!

*(I experience these before AF, but only up to three days at the most before AF - Never this early on in a cycle!)

1). Lower back pain
2). Gassy (way!)
3). Tender breasts

*(something - somewhere in between...)

1). Athlete's Foot (or thats what I think it is anyhow) (I usually get this the day before or the day or during AF - but never this before - and don't ask me why...something to do with hormones?)
2). Pubic hair loss (yeah - strange...But I notice that the day before or the day or during AF, I lose pubic hair - never any other time...AF isn't due for like a something else hormonal?)

...either way... they are things I have never experienced before during my previous pregnancies - perhaps a very good sign this one will stick?!!!

*( I do not experience these before AF at all)

1). Tender nipples
2). Creamy (super!) cervical membranes
3). Continuously high cervix
4). Implantation-like cramping (and with the progesterone cream, I never have any cramping at all with AF - and if I do get cramping, it is always once AF is established!)

Conversation with DS:

Me: Am I pregnant Duncan?
DS: Yes!
Me: Is it a boy or a girl?
DS: It is a boy (the first two pregnancies he said it was a girl, the last he said it was a boy - this he also says is a boy...wonder if he is right? hehe...)
Me: Oh! - So you will have a brother then?
DS: Yes.
Me: Will you love your baby brother?
DS: No.
Me: Will your baby brother love you?
DS: No!
Me: Will I still love you?
DS: Yes!


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Mara said...

My fingers are crossed for you! That's a promising list of symptoms-- if slightly odd, haha. But I always had weird symptoms that nobody had ever heard of, either...

Mara (Weasleymum from MDC)