Sunday, 30 August 2009

TTC Pic n' Mix - Pregnancy/First Trimester Mix

So I never shared my 'winning' pic n' mix mix! So here it is...

First, my daily intake of tablets - enough to make me rattle of course!

We can start from left to right. Morning, Afternoon, and Night (M/A/N) or one each time a day = X3.

1). Omega 3. Good for the prevention of miscarriage.

2). Sanatogen pro-natal. An all around multi vitamin designed for those TTC/Pregnant and breastfeeding. Its full of all the good stuff - including folic acid!

3). Agnus Castus. Balances hormones - increases progesterone where needed!

4). Burdock root. Eliminated excess estrogen.

5). Hemp seed oil - the most cheap vegetarian omega option (more than just omega 3) - good for building babies building blocks!

6). Vitamin D. Essential.

7). B Complex. Also essential.

8). Folic Acid. A must!

9). Not pictured - Maca. I took this like one takes clomid (so CD 2-9). I took 6X 500mg.

And now...

Since becoming pregnant, I have added on a Calcium supplement and Vitamin B6.

The Calcium is because I have gone off a lot of foods due to my morning sickness (aka - nausea) so I am worried that I am not getting enough calcium and I feel this is very important during pregnancy. The vitamin B6 (on the right) is for my M/S! hehe

Also, I have been using a 'Womans Essence' cream and a 'Fertility Enhancing Spray' as well as my 'Childbearing Mix' essence! Things I have found to be greatly benefitial! ...And the proof is in the pudding! to speak! hehe

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Jay said...

Hurraaaah for vitamin pills :) *HUGE hugs* XXX