Saturday, 22 August 2009

Well I guess I have 'Morning Sickness'...

Ugh - Oh no! Basically, since I have been pregnant, I have been feeling queasy for most of the day. The first few weeks, it was more so in the evening. Now it is more so in the afternoon, but the general 'queasy' feeling is always there - all day long. I have not thrown up though - only came close once (I was making myself something to eat in the evening and my tummy got all tight and my mouth got all watery how it does before you are about to throw up). I hate throwing up though, so I am pretty good at preventing that. Once when I got the tummy bug, I held throwing up all day long until DH got him and was able to look after DS (he of course got the bug the next day!) - but me and throw up, it rarely happens! Anyroad - if you are feeling 'queasy', apparently this is still considered 'm/s'.
My acupuncturist can work wonders though! She did some of the spots for sickness yesterday on me and my queasy feeling went away! I was starving - and ate so much! It kinda felt different not feeling queasy! hehe Cause if anything, this feeling queasy has just put me off food. I am hungry though but I have to make myself eat only because I know I have to. It has me feeling extremly picky though about what I do eat and there is never anything I seem to really fancy. (and if I do fancy it, by the time I have made it - I no longer do!) - you can't win!
However, I did not feel this way at all when I was pregnant with DS. Though I have read you are more likely to feel more symptoms (like m/s) with subsequent pregnancies (especially if you did not have such symptoms your first time around) - Another sign of a girl, or just different symptoms with a different pregnancy?

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