Sunday, 16 August 2009


This new 'ClearBlue Digital ~ With Conception Indicator' digital pregnancy test is awsome!

This weekend we told the in-laws! I had a little poem that I glued inside an old (but really pretty light blue/satin) watch gift box on one side - with the pregnancy test held in place on the other side! It was then wrapped and handed to her by our son - (that was pretty funny - and she had no idea what the pregnancy test in the box was - she thought it was a pen at first! - and could not find her reading glasses - and here I was thinking the digital pregnancy test would make it simple for them! hehe) I got the final '3+' conception indicator reading - which I did not actually expect to get as I was only just 5 weeks pregnant that day (conception indicator tells you when you ovulated, they don't give you EDD based on LMP - but inform you to add two weeks to the indicator number you are given as that is what your doctor/GP/MW will base EDD on - confused yet? hehe - It basically just helps you figure out when you concieved if you are a bit unsure, or in my case, if you are obsesses, can let you know that your 'numbers' - hCG -are rising as they should - this one is a sticker!).

I have also been having fun taking pictures of the inside of this digital and this is what I have:

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