Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Good Morning news!

I am Pregnant!!!

14DPO today - FMU - And here is the photo:

I knew it of course - I tested at 11DPO and got this faint something (first one is at 3 minutes and the second one is at the 10 minute mark):

And so far this pregnancy has been different from all the rest. My temps are lower, on average than they have been this whole cycle. My cervical membranes are actually quite egg-whitey rather than creamy. I am having slight headaches and am kinda nausious for the past few days - no matter what I eat - I don't actually feel like throwing up but the queezy feeling is constantly there. I hope these are all good signs. I feel really positive about this. I have ever hope in acupuncure as well!

I am due 17th April!

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