Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cravings - or lack of

I have nearly almost totally gone off anything sweet. I am all savoury and bland here. I am craving cheese and tomatoes (not together though!) big time. Plain greek yoghurt for breakfast (with a handful of bitter/sour fruits rather than sweet ones) and pasta for lunch - with lots of tomato sauce on it! hehe It is a good thing my tomatoes are finally ripening! (I am well proud of myself - my first home grown produce! hehe - I deffinatly recomment the hanging basket variety!).
Everyone says this means I am having a girl. I am not too fussed what sex we have. I am pleased to be pregnant and am looking forward to adding to our family! Having another boy would be helpful as there is a load of stuff we can re-use (like clothes) but buying for girls is so much fun! hehe Guess we will just have to wait and see as I am not planning on having any early scans. There is a good article about that here though there is plenty more where that came from but I feel her article is very 'whole'.
Thinking back though - in my first trimester with my son, I was craving similar things. By the second trimester I was craving sweet things again and fresh fruit. In the third trimester I was craving coffee (strangly - as I do not drink the stuff!) and salted popcorn as well as sour things like raw lemons! Will be interesting to see how this pregnancy progresses! So far - no morning sickness but I have felt a bit queezy every now and them and am therefore very picky with my food.

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