Thursday, 31 July 2008

The 2WW Pic n' Mix

So here it is, my latest pic n' mix I feel is suitable for my 2WW.

The first is a Nettle tea. It is rich in iron and calcium and is an essential source of folic acid that is essential in early pregnancy. My iron levels were low when I concieved my son, so I want to make sure I get a good healthy start with this pregnancy! ( I know I do not know if I am pregnancy yet, but I am not taking any chances just in case! hehe) I let this soak all day in a cup and drink it before I go to bed.
The second is Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) tea. This helps to keep your uterus toned and healthy. It is also high in iron. I am having it as a tea, a cup every few days as it will be lower potency than the capsules I was taking.
The third is a multi-omega. It is a 'vegan' suitable omega pill made from buckthorn oil that is high in omega 3,6,9, and 7! Omegas are great for a growing baby in utero. They help to build up the brain, form the retinas, and devlop the nervous system! Much needed for any little healthy baby einstein :p hehe I take three a day.
The fourth is my prenatal pill. A multi-vitamin and mineral suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. No 'real' reason why I have chosen the Sanatogen brand, but it is the same 'pronatal' pills I took when I was pregnant with my son. I take one a day every morning.
The fifth is Chlorophyll! Chinese Chlorella to be exact. This is also great for upping those iron levels! (I take three a day of 500mg) Most chlorophyll suppliments you can buy are derived from alfalfa. I will be trying different types of chlorophyll suppliments as my pregnancy goes on - so stay tuned! hehe
The sixth is my regular Vitamin E tablet - one a day. Great for my skin, babies skin and just a great all around vitamin suitable for mostly anyone! :)

You may notice that I am no longer taking the Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). This is because, whilst EPO is great for your fertility, it causes cramping of the uterus. This cramping could prevent implanting of the egg (which happens 7-10 days after you ovulate - if it has been fertelised! ;))...which of course is not desired! I may or may not take up the EPO further along in my pregnancy (as it is also great for softening your cervix making labouring easier, smoother, and slightly more effective I guess!) - I am yet uncertain how this would affect my uterin scar tissue. Avoiding a uterin rupture (UR) is top on my list when it comes to my HBAC!

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