Sunday, 3 August 2008

Pregnancy smoothie

To help me gain more nutrience, especially iron, during this (possible) pregnancy and to stay within a weekly shopping budget, I have come up with a simple breakfast and/or lunch smoothie that is quick and easy to make!


1). A Yoghurt (with or without fruit already added - I am having it with fruit already added)
2). Handful of fresh spinach leaves
3). Orange juice (as much or little as you like really!)
4). Fresh fruit (optional - you can fluff it up cheaply with some bananas or apples, etc)


Blend thoroughly and enjoy!

The best bit can't taste the spinach!

You can experiment with it as well. It's a pretty basic and easy smoothie to make that is just plain good for you as it is packed with iron and vitamin C and calcium as well as vitamin D!

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