Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Pre-Preg/TTC Pic n' Mix

To help prepare my body and health for pregnancy I am taking a few things.

The first is a herbal drink for detoxing the body. It consists of Nettle, hibiscus and dandelion root. I leave it to sit during the day so its a nice strong tea which I drink before bedtime.
The second is a prenatal multivitamin and mineral. It is recommended that you take this up to three months before actively TTC, especially as it has the extra folic acid in it a pregnant woman would need.
The third is EPO. I have already explained what this is for in a previous post - but here it is again in case you missed it. I take this once a day as it is high strength - as you can tell by its size! hehe
The fourth is RRL. Same as above. I take this three to four times a day.
And the fifth is vitamin E. This is for my skin more than anything, but it certainly would not hurt to take it in pregnancy! Sometimes I also take a vitamin B5 (not pictured) for my skin as well as it can get rather oily which is what causes my breakouts and blackheads so the B5 really helps with preventing those nasties.

I will be changing up my 'Pic n' Mix' throughout pregnancy so keep an eye on those titled threads! hehe

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