Monday, 7 July 2008

My Fertility Chart

This is my fertilty chart that I have been keeping on 'Fertility Friend'. It is usually pretty accurate as I have quite regular cycles. My cycles seem to be about 35 days long - where I tend to ovulate on day 24. I have been taking EPO though (evening primrose oil) for the last few cycles and I have noticed that I am more fertile for longer (before I ovulate) and I think my LP (luteal phase - DPO/Days past ovulation) is getting longer. Which is all in good favour for concieving of course!
I am due to start my period for tomorrow, but I think it is a few days off - its all adjusting of course as it really does take it day by day. We shall see!... The start of my period is the start of my next cycle and that is the cycle we will start to TTC - I can not is so near!

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