Saturday, 9 May 2009

Low Testosterone

When I last had my blood tests done it was found that all results were normal - however, my testosterone levels were slightly low (for women averages). A sign of this can be low libido - which I have! hehe
My GP thinks I may have PCOS - I think hes full of doo-doo. He mentioned my testosterone levels as part of his conclusion that my 'problem' is probably some type/stage of PCOS.
I bet GP's and Doctors love those with the internet and know how to use google. (of course, I am by no means saying that makes me a professional in everything and/or that everything I read is sound and true in its statements - but it does educate me some what on my own body, how it works and what could possibly be going on with it - what the GP's/Doctors do not tell you)...
So I thought 'well - what does low testosterone mean for a woman and her fertility. And low and behold... It usually does not mean much but it does affect the hormones and has most to do with affecting progesterone production... PROGESTERONE.... Ha!
Back to my endometriosis 'problem' conclusion... (and NOT PCOS! - Of course too much testosterone is also not a good thing and what usually is a sign of PCOS...but not too little of it...)
You need appropriate amounts of progesterone to carry a baby. At the end of your cycle, your progesterone levels drop - which is what brings on your period. No baby = no problem, AF as usual. But if there is a 'baby' growing there ...that means you can have a very early miscarriage. With progesterone levels not being high enough, your body can think its time to start a new cycle again and be 'unaware' of the little potental life growing there...
Low levels of progesterone also cause endometriosis - which make the uterin lining not very nice for the potential baby implanting process. This is something I think I had a problem with that showed itself clearly during my second miscarriage.

Bring on my appointment! - 13 Days to go!

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