Sunday, 10 May 2009

Endometrial lining...again...

So I am now pretty sure that I was pregnant and just had another chemical pregnancy/miscarriage. My temp finally dropped this morning followed by some pretty intense uterin cramping and discharge that looks very much like endometrial lining (or what I assume it looks like really). Not as thick and lumpy and as huge amounts as before (after my second miscarriage) but very different from my average period discharge (despite that that is usually pretty clumpy as well - unless I was using my natural progesterone cream).

So I decided to take some pictures of it - this is an afternoon shot; what I got this morning was much bigger in size (about half the size of my hand) and slightly thicker with less blood (so more ' clear skin' in colour as you can see in the second picture). These pieces are smaller though I do hope they show what I am on about.

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