Saturday, 27 December 2008

Starting again...

How can we call it much of a 'break' when it is impossible to ignore all your fertility signs and to have such a (despite the miscarriages) consistant cycle?...
I am now at the start of another cycle - which means I am not pregnant despite last months frolicks. Which also confirms my thoughts on DH and the 'quality' (so to speak) of his sperm (of course the 'problem' could still be with me once pregnant but there is no doubt we could all improve). We have had a good long talk though and he has agreed to make some changes. I have no hope in hell at this moment for him to stop smoking but he has agreed to make a change in what he does smoke and for now we will give the pure loose tabacco a go (which has to be better then the chemically saturated crap he smokes now!). When we conceived our son, he was in the process of quitting - or at least not smoking at all due to the fact that he was at my parents house (which meant that he could not). Regardless, I have no doubt (and those scientists who have done all the research on it can prove I am sure!) that smoking is part of the 'problem'.
However, my conclusions about the progesterone cream - Natpro that I use - have also been confirmed! It is lovely for my skin (in more ways than one!) - I have had only one spot this cycle (and it only just popped out today!). It has also improved my AF! I am having no cramps! - and no thick chunky clots (in case you were not aware, thick chunky clots are not normal!) and my lower back pain is hardly there at all! (not to mention, I am pretty sure I have no or hardly any PMT!) I have no doubt that this is an improvment caused by my use of natural progesterone cream. However, I am pretty sure that it is the cause of my 'monthly' contipation as well (though easily fixed with a few diet changes hehe) - but compared to how my 'periods' used to be...dare I say that they are actually now rather...well I can't think of the word! I want to say 'welcoming' but seeing as I am trying for a baby, they are not welcome at all...but I think you get the idea!
So here is to a new start...hopefully! A few changes, and perhaps we will have some luck!

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