Sunday, 21 December 2008


Natpro is my natural progesterone cream that I use. I have not been using it long enough in a non-TTC mode to be able to report to you all the wonderful benefits that natural progesterone cream is supposed to have on a woman who suffers from painful periods and other general womanly discomforts but I have to say that I have no complaints about fact, I think as a general cream, it is wonderful! I can not really say if it is/will/can help me hold onto a baby (I believe that if I do indeed have low progesterone, that it will and can) - but it is proving to be wonderful to my skin! Normally, my skin clears up quite a bit around ovulation and when AF is around the corner, I get rather spotty! Well, either I am pregnant (which would be wonderfully welcomed as I also have clear skin when I am pregnant! hehe) or this cream is really wonderful for my skin (perhaps both!). I apply it every morning and evening around my ovary 'area', my lower back, my neck and my face as my face gets rather dry in the winter months. Now, usually because I have such sensitive skin and break out easily I am wary of what kind of 'lotions' I put on my face but Natpro has no smell, is not oily at all, and absorbes quickly. It leaves my face feeling fresh and wonderful - and not dry at all despite such harsh dry and cold winter weather! skin is clear (not a spot in sight)!
I love also how all the ingredients are organic and natural and that each ingredient is clearly listed with its purpose (as to why it is in the cream!) - instead of being in the dark about what I am putting on my skin, I can feel good about the product that I am using!
Time can only tell for the rest.... Deffinitely a recommended item though!

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