Monday, 8 December 2008

Got my results!

And they are all normal - so 'no action'.
It is good and bad news. It is good news because I am healthy and normal according to the results (and I was mistaken - they took 12 vials and not 10 like I though! lol)...
But it is bad because it means there is no reason for the miscarriages that I had meaning that it was just plain bad luck. It makes me afraid to get pregnant again because of course I will always be worried that I will just have another miscarriage!
I do not think they checked progesterone though - so I am going to stick with the cream for awhile. It can not hurt.

We got a bit frisky last night and as we are not exactly 'preventing' a pregnancy, theres always a possibility there. We are still 'taking a break' for awhile (until March now) but if the mood arises, will not take any measures to prevent a pregnancy if it were to happen. I keep hoping that this might be what we need to do in order to get lucky, but I am also not very positive about it I guess (because of my fears of another loss) - but as we are not actively planning at the moment I can do nothing but relax and just take things as they come - because there is no need for me to think about it!

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