Friday, 9 January 2009


Sort of...
I am trying to make a promise to myself for this year. That promise is to take everyday one day at a time. To just go with the flow. This means, no charting (temping, etc). Just...go with the flow...
I will of course be taking my folic acid still, and DH will of course still be cutting down on smoking (etc)... But there will be no pressure there. I will try not to think 'I am near ovulation - we need to do this now!...' and everything else I normally think along those lines. We will just DTD when we feel like it - but I have to be honest, that isn't often.
I guess I am sort of coming to a place of peace within myself...or I am trying to! I am starting to feel like it will happen when it happens. I am feeling okay about this now because we are at an age (Duncan's - future sibling! hehe - age) where I feel it is great if it does happen, but it also okay if it does not there is no rush as he is only three.
I suppose I will see how I feel a few months from now of course! I was over at a friends today and looking at all the new baby dolls her daughter got for Christmas and I had to put them down and walk away because that desperate feeling of 'I NEED a baby NOW' was creeping back into me! I guess I started to think that I will never get a baby if I want it so much... Thats always the way it is right?
We shall see. Slow and steady. Baby steps!...hehe

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