Sunday, 7 September 2008

Am I seeing lines?

Well I am not sure!
I took a pregnancy test when I was 8DPO and got a Big Fat very White Negative!
So I took a pregnancy test yesterday - 10DPO and got a very very very faint line. DH eventually agreed to seeing it but then made off as if I was crazy and pretended to not see it after that. I could see it at any angle, right away within the appropriate time period but I could not manage to get a picture of it.
So my impatience has led me to take another test on a Clearblue this morning - 11DPO and I could see another very very faint line this time. DH says he can see it too but feels it is not conclusive of a Big Fat Positive. So I agree, I do not consider it conclusive.
Here it is anyhow. I think you can just about see it - right where it crosses over the most obviously blue line. eh? If you can't see it well there - try here. I have posted this on another forum and so far the other woman that have looked can see it as well. But I have been told to be wary for the blue line pregnancy tests. If it helps any, the line I think I can see appeared right away as soon as the pee touched it!

I am just hoping I am pregnant!...But am I hoping so much I am seeing lines?! Arrghh! For now, I do not consider this my BFP!...but we shall wait and see!
I will try to wait until Wed to test again! hehe

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