Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Implantation spotting?

Could it be? - DPO 7!...I am in the appropriate time frame for it!... I have felt a dull ache (not comparable to period cramps) all day yesterday and a bit today as well! It's tiny I know!...I have put a pen dot next to it for size reference!
I wasn't very hopeful up till now. I have been checking my discharge since I've been in the 'implantation' window (thats 6-10 days after ovulation) I know I am totally over-analysing!...or am I?! I keep worrying it will fall out if I cough or if I am too hopeful, it will be taken away from me...Silly I know :(...
Please God let this be it!...Let there be a baby in there and stick baby stick!

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