Tuesday, 12 August 2008

TTC Pic n' mix - cycle #2!

So here is our new pic n' mix for the second round of trying - cycle #2!

As I said in an earlier post, DH has now agreed to take some supplements. I hope it helps to create some fabulous healthy sperm and that it gives us a better chance at concieving!

His (thats DH :p)
The first A vitamin C tablet - High stregth. As DH smokes, I have read that it is best he take some extra vitamin C to help those spermies out. I do not like that he smokes and I have tried several ways to help him to stop smoking but there is nothing more I can do so it is up to him really. At least he is willing to take these supplements so lets hope they help!
The second is the Sanatogen 'pronatal' designed for men during TTC!

Hers (that me :p)
The first is RRL.
The second is EPO.
The third is a 'hers' Sanatogen 'pronatal' vitamin designed for woman during TTC!
The fourth is a Vitamin B Complex. I am hoping that this will help to legthen my LP. My LP without EPO is 11 days. With EPO it was 14 days. But I stopped taking the EPO after ovulation because EPO can cause cramping and thus prevent implantation...back to a short LP then I guess. I could indeed have had a fertelised egg, that just didnt have enough time to implant (normally, implantation occurs between days 7-10 after ovulation, but sometimes sooner and sometimes longer...11 day LP is pushing it a bit if I need a bit longer!)...so no pregnancy occured :(. But Vitamin B Complex (Vit B6 to be more exact but it is best to always try and make your supplements 'well rounded' I feel) is supposed to help with that so I hope it does!
The fifth is Vitamin E.

And thats that! Heres to a healthy second round of TTC! I hope DH can handle it. It's certainly more sex than we would normally have! hehe

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