Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I'm Out...

AF is here... :( Thats a 'no-go' for this cycle then. A BFN.
I had spotting on Sunday, which I figured could be implantation spotting. I was trying to be hopeful! Then more spotting yesterday and a light bleed. Full on bleeding this morning and some pretty heavy cramping (as per usual for my AF visit). I had even put my mooncup away but I guess I have had to get her out again! Oh well...That was the longest 2WW of my life! How will I go through that again?! Why does it feel like its been years since I last ovulated and that it will be years until I ovulate again?
In one window, I am fine with this. I favour the larger age gaps, but my impatience has led us to start trying when we did! However, nature has other plans and the fact that that will make the age gap a bit larger is great for us I think! However, I am upset about it. I was really grumpy about it yesterday as well. I guess it was a bit naive of me to assume we would be lucky first try around. We sure were with Duncan and we were not even trying! (hehe)
DH was a bit upset about it as well. I think it was probably due more to the fact that made me a bit upset though. It did surprise me though because even though we went into this together, it has clearly always been me that was in want of another baby. He was just going along with the ride as there was really no reason for him to say no. He has agreed to take some supplements though...which also surprised me! So we are both on the pic n' mix now! Lets hope it helps - at least we will both me more healthy!
Heres to the next cycle then. I am due to ovulate around the end of the month/first week in September. I have my fingers crossed once more!

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