Thursday, 9 July 2009

Still no where closer

Or so it feels. A few more weeks yet until I can get my blood test results back for the clotting disorders (which apparently take up to 6 weeks + to get the results back!). I also think I will call my GP back and see if, in the mean time, we can do more tests to at least try and rule things out. Such as tests for autoimmune diseases (is it crazy I think I have arthritis? - Well it's not unheard of!) and maybe check some more of my other hormones and their levels. Might as well scan my ovaries before we jump in for a lap too (which is currently being scheduled) - theres a possibility it could be more than one 'problem' as I know some woman suffering from infertility that have an autoimmune disease, PCOS and endo! I am not a hypochondriac - I just want a baby! I don't like feeling I am just sitting here counting on chance - because so far that hasn't worked. I can't even hold off testing too early as I know my body too well! At least the church I clean is praying for me now - the more the merrier!

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