Friday, 31 July 2009

Cold Kidneys

Apparently - I have 'cold kidneys'. Today I had another acupuncture appointment (I asked her today how often she was planning on treating me as surely it can not go on for every week - she said its best to do it more often after ovulation and once every week if pregnant but we can do it less before ovulation and more after if I like - sounds good to me!) and I also got some needles in my back today! - That was interesting. I am not sure if I makes sense, but she was spot on. I am a cold kind of person. My hands and feet are always cold - mostly my feet are always freezing and my lower back is also usually always cold as well. She advised me to keep these areas warm so I am typing this now with a hot water bottle on my lower back and toastie thick socks on my feet! hehe - I just google and did find this however! Perhaps my 'problem' is as simple as that! We shall see!

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