Saturday, 18 July 2009

My acupuncture appointment!

My acupuncturists name is Sally and she is really lovely and nice! She practices two typs of chinese acupuncture - which she used on me. She kept going on about 'liver-chi' and how I am a 'wood' element. I have to was everything I expected it to be!
I was very excited to have this appointment. It felt like 'yeah - I am doing something great for my body and my fertility!'. I felt in control. I felt listened to and cared for. We had a good chat about...well...everything! - for more than an hour before she started the actual acupuncture. I felt very relaxed. I did not expect it to be painful and it wasn't. The first needle was a bit uncomfortable but I wouldn't describe it as painful. It sort of felt tingly with a bit of pressure.

I think for the first appointment she was focusing more on my emotinal side of things and just general body balance. If I find out anything more from my GP (like if I deffinitely have 'something') then she can focus more on that. She just feels that my body is out of balance but was very respectful to my thoughts and feelings - you know, not the typical 'well you are perfectly fine because you already have a son' attitude that I am getting real tired of. Anyone going through secondary infertility knows how insensitive such comments are, despite the fact people think they are trying to be reassuring. I guess that what I really liked about Sally, she wasn't trying to be anything - she just was (despite the fact she has never had children herself). Which was nice, because it felt like she just accepted me for who I am and my situation and was simply there to help in the way she could!

I have my next appointment next Friday - I am really looking forward to that! I feel at peace - I feel patient.

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