Monday, 27 July 2009

Lower temps... Odd!

Maybe its the acupuncture or maybe my body is sorting itself out or maybe for the first time I have no actually ovulated or maybe the world is ending...I don't know! I would like to think it a positive good thing rather than anything in the not-so-good side of my fertility world - but my temps are, on average, lower. I am talking BBT here in case you were not sure!
My temps, on average, have always been on the high side. At FF, you can look through a chart gallery and I have always noticed when I scanned the gallery that my temps were always very high compared to other charts. Pre-O, they were always about 36.8 and post-O around 37.2. This is actually on the high side - apparently.
This cycle has been different though. My pre-O temps seem to be about 36.4 - and my post-O temps are at 36.8. This is low for me, but this is actually the normal average BBT. The only thing different this cycle is giving maca another go (like one would take clomid) - in the hopes that I would ovulate earlier as the last time I took maca I ovulated a whole week earlier than normal (it can only be a good think if one is already a late ovulator!) and acupuncture!
On one hand, I am thinking - great!, my temps are now average for BBT! This can only be a good sign - average is good and average is healthy and average means baby making and sticking!...but on the other hand I am slighly worried as it is such a drastic change and very sudden as well - it leaves me to wonder if anything healthy is actualy going on down there!
Can only wait and see I guess!

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