Sunday, 21 February 2010

This weeks photo - 32+1!

Another week...another photo! I know there has been some growth as I measure every week just for fun, but I can't really tell in this photo!

What happened this week:
Baby comforts herself by sucking a thumb. Grasp is well developed. Foetuses weighing 1500-2500g can survive but may face respiratory distress and other problems. 30 weeks' gestation 32 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 28cm crown to rump (39cm or 15¼ inches head to toe.) Weight: about 1700g.


Jay said...

I did this eeeevery single week, remember? And it's FUN! And then you know, you can compare the ten week photos to this week etc etc. I want to make a little 40 slide animation and exactly line myself up to..myself, you know?

Gosh mama it is SO not long until you're holding that baby!!! XXX

Mummy Ann said...

Dh wants to make a 20 second slideshow with them! lmao