Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Birthing pool is here!

My very super wonderful friend (lets call her Yvi ;) hehe) bought a birthing pool (La Bassine) for the birth of her daughter in October last year. She has so very kindly let me borrow it for the use of this baby's birth! I feel so blessed and grateful to have such wonderful friends in the world!

I never actually pictured me giving birth in water - 'land' was always the more appealing of the two. But for some reason there is something about water that is luring me to its soothing effects - now that I am actually here, pregnant, due 'soon'. I know it will be a great help in natural pain relief during labour and childbirth. It could also provide a little fun! hehe

And wow! - This 'home stretch' seems much closer to home now! It really is not long until I get to meet this little being of mine that has spent the last many months growing inside of me! It feels like such a powerful thing having this wonderful piece of birthing equipment in my house (a baby was born in that!!!) ! hehe

Oh I am getting all excited now! I love pregnancy but can not wait to meet my baby!

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MamaVee said...

It's always nice to have the option of the water, even if you don't birth in it, being able to labour with your body fully submerged can be quite a relief. The La Bassine is lovely, because the padded sides are so comfortable for leaning on, but the floor of it is not padded, and can be a bit hard on knees if you kneel it for long periods of time, you'll want to have some extra towels to kneel on, or a piece of foam.