Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My MW appointment!

All still looking great! - Measuring exactly on track (31cm - for 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant!). Got me a wriggly one still - plenty of amniotic fluid so this baby is still able to move about quite a lot and would not stay in the same position - took the MW a good 10 minutes to work it out! hehe And...she not only remembered her pinard today - but also her watch (without me having to remind her at all!) - and got 140 for the heartrate. Which I think is about right as the last time I had a listen I got 144 beats per minute.
I also have an official date to go and see the head of midwifery - to discuss my 'risk assessment' (as I have declined to see a consultant) and to go over my 'birth plan' so that all the MWs there are aware of it (what I would like to happen, and what I don't want to happen!). They sound really organised!

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