Friday, 9 April 2010

Sling stash!

I actually have a handful more slings than this (shame on me!), but they are not slings I plan on using for this baby right away. For example, I do not have pictured my freedom ring slings, my 'Katja' Didymos or any of my mei tais - though I have pictured my podaegi (My Bei Bei) because I love it more than anything (well, its it 'catagory') and can not wait to use it - though I won't be using it right away.

So, here are my newborn sling stash photos!:

(From Left to right: Krokus Indio Didymos in cotton, Sonne/natur Indio Didymos in cotton, Bebina Rainbow & MaM Eco in 'pomegranate' - hemp/cotton mix)
(From Bottom to top - as this photo appears to have displayed itself sideways!: Slingafied pink Silk Mille, Comfy Joey in 'Buttercup', Slingafied Bara Barn in 'Cappuccino' and my water ring sling!)
(My Bei Bei in 'plum')

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