Friday, 16 April 2010


Still having acupuncture... and still going good! Today she put some of these 'seed' things in my ears (not my ear, but they look like picture shown) that will help with 'calm' and 'grounding' myself before/during and after labour as well as for my kidney yang (which I am always out of balance with) and for my uterus (not to be used until I am in labour of course!). She also gave me some pointers on 'induction' points as well - and some other useful points to use for any 'complications' that could occur such as retained placenta, etc.
I have an earlier appointment with her next week just in case I am still pregnant! hehe - Hope I don't have to see her then. I am very ready to meet this baby of mine!
Though I still feel great! The antibiotics for the mastitis have helped so much and I feel on top of the world now. My boob still looks pretty sore but it is no longer actually sore to the touch. Also got myself some probiotics.
Can not belive I am due tomorrow! - Wonder when this little one will decide to show themself!


Anonymous said...

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amelie said...

Babies come when they are ready. Just wait patiently for your baby to come.

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