Sunday, 17 January 2010

This weeks photo - 27+1!

Nearly into the third trimester (I am gonna go with 28 weeks being the end of the second rather than 26 weeks as I think that makes a bit more sense...though I could settle for the medium ground at 27!...whatever! lol) and here is this weeks photo!

Not much difference! I look tired, but I am not - honestly! lol Having to buy some new maternity tops as my bump is getting bigger but I am still proud and impressed with myself that the rest of me isn't really getting all that bigger - and thats a good thing when considering a healthy weight gain! :)

What happened this week:
Lungs begin to manufacture surfactant to stop lung tissue from sticking to itself. Uterus should measure 26-28cm at this time. Baby's brain continues rapid growth. 25 weeks' gestation 27 weeks from your LMP. Foetus length: 24cm crown to rump (32.5cm or almost 12½ inches head to toe).

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