Saturday, 23 January 2010

Into the third!

I am 28 weeks today and officially into the third trimester! Yay!
I also did my 'trimseter' weigh in today and stand currently at 12 stone 6lbs. So that puts me at just over 2 stone weight gain so far (which is about right actually and still puts me at just under 3 stone weight gain total by the end of this pregnancy). That makes me sound fat and I feel kinda sad when I think of it that way...but when I look at the reality of it, I don't feel so bad. For example, I am still in size 10-12 maternity clothing (thats an American 4-6 say the lables!). Size 12 being a bit loose on me. I have not really gained any weight in my arms or my face - though I have in my thighs and probably therefore my bum as well. So ...those facts do not make me feel too fat or sad!
This bump is pretty big though and sticking out much more so than my son did (instead of 'all around' growth) - so in that area of clothing, my clothes are getting a bit on the 'small' side - but I have discovered the wonderful bump band! Fabulous! Because I like to keep bump warm and snug and not exposed. They will help my tops last me longer as they fit me fine everywhere else! ...of course, I am still buying myself clothes on ebay - shame on me! hehe

Better be a pretty heavy placenta in there! lol

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