Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Crystal Healing - (at home)

Well I have got my moonstones and have just order myself a shiva lingam - both crystals for fertility!

Crystal healing is pretty basic and easy to do yourself at home. Basically, different crystals hold different healing powers and with the ones you pick for your purpose you can lay on certain parts of your body, carry around with you, wear in jewelry or simply have it near you (within arms reach). I tend to carry mine in my pocket if I have one or in my bra (teehee).

Crystal healing can get a bit more complicated if you go by chakra colour but even then, that is still pretty basic.

I plan to see a crystal healer later in the year if I am still not pregnant or have miscarried again. A crystal healer will have more access is different kinds of crystals and will have more experience/technique.

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